John Elliott - Collaboration
Collaboration – John Elliott
November 4, 2019 in MusicReviews

The production of the album is stark and simple by design. Shying away from musical complexities, John Elliot’s voice is both unique and haunting, keeping the listener focused on the story. It is a beautiful album, one that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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Ok Ok Ok - Spirez and Emily Teague
Pockets of Light – Spirez and Emily Teague
February 26, 2012 in MusicReviews

Spirez is a Bristol, England based collective of producers and musicians who aim to provide cool, slow instrumental backdrops for vocalists. They found a worthy collaborator in Emily Teague, a Bristol neighbor …

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Good Misery - Bob Harp
Good Misery – Bob Harp
May 21, 2008 in MusicReviews

The recordings on Good Misery are raw, stripped-down, and eerily vital. Although Harp is inextricably tied to such forebears as Bob Dylan and Nick Drake, he does not stand in their shadows.

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"Hear Me Out" - Joel Streeter
Hear Me Out – Joel Streeter
July 27, 2007 in MusicReviews

Joel Streeter’s voice is not pristine, thank god, but slightly worn down and warm.

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